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Nonprofit by Planet Baseball Founder Jay Quinn | 501(c)3 EIN: 87-1273863 | Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

A Sad Truth

For every Dominican player who makes it to the Major Leagues, thousands of Dominican children train to take his place. Unfortunately, most neglect their education, believing that full-time, year-round baseball training is their only real chance at the Big League fame and fortune that will lift them and their family out of poverty.


Never sign contracts to train at MLB academies

Most kids are not skilled enough, some get injured, others are seen as “too old” (at 18-20 years old!) when they show Major League potential.


Fly to the USA to play Minor League Baseball

Most Dominican players who sign professional contracts never leave the island. They attend their MLB team’s training academy, and are typically released by 19-20 years old if they do not perform well enough in game situations.


Play even a single Major League Baseball game

Dominican players have a new uphill battle when they get to the USA. New systems, new culture, minimal English, and little signing bonus money remaining from years ago. All while competing against THOUSANDS of professional athletes, who speak the local language and have financial support from their families.

Dominican Boy batting cage

Dominican children who chase the MLB dream typically spend 9-15 years with little education and vocational training. 

Even those who “successfully” navigate this broken system, typically return home to the Dominican Republic empty handed, still facing an uphill battle to provide for themselves and their family.

It doesn't have to be this way.
Our Solution

A Community

Pilot Program

Donations and partnerships with local Dominican businesses and professionals made it possible for The Baseball Island Foundation to run a “Community Campus” program from Nov. 2020 - Sept. 2021.

We provided Dominican youth and adults with (free) English classes, pro level baseball & strength training, equipment, clothing, supplemental meals, clean drinking water, transportation, professional development courses, and jobs.

September 20th, 2021

The Baseball Island Foundation launched our Full-Time Incentive Program. 40-weeks of free pro-style training, as incentive for Dominican youth to stay in school and attend our supplemental ASSIMIL-style English classes.


A little bit goes a long way down here! Even small donations create an immediate impact in the lives of our boys.

$ 0.79 USD / 45 pesos

Sponsors Breakfast for 1 student-athlete 

(including delivery!)

$125 USD / 7,125 pesos

Sponsors a student-athlete for a full month!

(breakfast, lunch, water, gym & trainers, baseball equipment & coaches, transportation, & English classes.)


With your help, through donations, sponsorships, and sharing our story, The Baseball Island Foundation will be able to continue providing and expanding our program here in the Dominican Republic.