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Nonprofit by Planet Baseball Founder Jay Quinn | 501(c)3 EIN: 87-1273863 | Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

A Long Shot

With no back up plan.

Dominican baseball is outstanding, but the chances of a child becoming a career MLB player are slim-to-none. 

Even Dominican players who turn pro typically return home with little money and education, still facing an uphill battle to provide for themselves and their family.


Won’t sign contracts to train at Dominican MLB academies.

These players either don’t make the cut, get injured, or MLB scouts see them as too old (at 17-20 years old!) when they start to show big league potential.


Fly to the USA to play Minor League Baseball

70% of Dominican players who sign will never leave the island. They go to their MLB team’s Dominican training academy, and are released around 19-20 years old when they don’t perform well-enough in games.


Play even a single game in Major League Baseball

Dominican players who make it to the USA, have to navigate new systems & cultures in a second (new) language, all while competing against thousands of local pro athletes who have financial & family support.

Dominican Boy batting cage

In the Dominican Republic, it’s common for youth (10-12) to neglect education, believing that full-time baseball training is their family’s best chance to escape poverty.

It doesn't have to be this way.
Our Solution

A Community

The Baseball Island Foundation provides the tools, structure, health services, & guidance that local systems do not, guaranteeing that Dominican youth can achieve their ultimate goal of supporting themselves financially & changing their family’s future, regardless of their success in baseball.

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A little bit goes a long way down here! Even small donations create an immediate impact in the lives of our boys.

$ 125 USD

Sponsors English classes for 6 months, for 1 student athlete.

$1,500 USD

Sponsors 1 Baseball Island student-athlete for a full year - Full Community Campus Program.


With your help, through donations, sponsorships, and sharing our story, The Baseball Island Foundation will be able to continue making dreams come true for hardworking families here in the Dominican Republic.

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