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Two-Way Commitment Incentive Program

“We’re working hard to flip the script on the broken baseball and education system here in the Dominican Republic. We're helping kids chase their MLB dreams, but with a safety net of education, offering FREE pro-level training programs. . . but only to kids who stay in school.” 

-Coach Quinn

Our “Full-Time Incentive Program” is a free, full school year of world-class programming that motivates Dominican youth to stay in school and attend our supplemental ASSIMIL-style conversational English classes. 

Donations to The Baseball Island Foundation flow through the Las Terrenas community. Our “Community Campus” partnerships with local Dominican businesses and professionals make it possible for us to provide the programs below.

Full Time Students

Baseball Island student-athletes are only eligible for our "Two-Way Commitment Incentive Program” when enrolled in full-time school classes, and our supplemental ASSIMIL-style English conversation class.

English Lessons

ASSIMIL-style English conversation classes challenge our boys to examine, practice, and publicly perform situational conversations.

Donations go to local Dominican English instructors & school supply stores.

Vocational Training

The local high school offers basic classes, but what about a kid who dreams of becoming a personal trainer, auto mechanic, hotel owner? 

We provide access to certification programs, internships, and job opportunities to help our young men chase their off-field dreams.

Donations go to local Dominican businesses for professional certification programs provided to TBIF student-athletes.

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College Placement

Our mission is to provide local youth with the tools and opportunities they need to choose their own path in life.  English speaking, high-school graduate, college athletics ready student-athletes are connected with USA college coaches through our partner program, Dominican owned and operated DREAM BIG FOUNDATION.

In less than 15 months, already 8 of our student athletes have received USA college scholarships.

Networking & Jobs

We take time to get to know our student-athletes. This allows us to be highly effective educators and mentors. We provide guidance, guest speaker discussions, networking events, and job opportunities.

Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a guest speaker / guest workshop leader.

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MLB Academy Prep

To prepare our boys to succeed and stay healthy at the pro level, our training routine includes: flexibility, pre-hab, mechanics adjustments, defensive work, game approach, competition, mental toughness, and on-field English baseball vocabulary.  

Our (bilingual) coaches have professional and USA Division I college baseball experience. We provide baseball & team training equipment, uniforms, and a predictable time-efficient schedule.

Donations go to Dominican coaches & local Dominican sports stores.

Strength & Conditioning

Top of the line strength training equipment, professional trainers (NASM, IDFF), and athlete development programs that are a blend of MLB, D1 college, and National Team training techniques. We build well-balanced, explosive athletic bodies.

Donations go to Dominican strength trainers & local Dominican sports businesses.

Baseball Events

Since 2013, Baseball Island founder Jay Quinn has created 22 international baseball & cultural immersion events in 15 countries (Planet Baseball). To raise funds and awareness for The Baseball Island Foundation, Coach Quinn is now offering Planet Baseball style trips to Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

  • Spring Break: for USA High School Teams

  • Island Training Camps: for Individual Players 

  • Team Tours: Year Round



100% of trip proceeds go to The Baseball Island Foundation to fund our year round programs for local Dominican youth.

(NCAA compliant)


Contact Us to learn more.

Youth Programs

The Baseball Island Foundation sponsors local children’s programs, and provides baseball equipment, clothing, and year-round delivery of clean drinking water to the local field here in Las Terrenas where hundreds of kids train and compete daily. 

Equipment and clothing donations are always appreciated. Baseballs, gloves, and cleats are always in high need.

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Many of the boys at the field don’t know for sure when their next meal will be. We provide free programming so kids can save their money for basic needs. We also provide supplemental meals for children and adolescents, including water delivery to the local field, as needed year-round.

Donations go to a local Dominican water purification company, restaurants, and motorcycle taxis who provide delivery.


Many of the kids at the field in Las Terrenas walk 5+ miles, to and from home everyday (2 hours each way). This leaves little time & energy for them to pursue anything outside of baseball. We are currently fundraising to provide our “Community Campus Shuttle” year-round, changing day-to-day life for our boys.

Donations go to local Dominican tourist excursion shuttle-truck drivers.

Our Student Athletes

Estudiantes - Peloteros

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Vitico Amicy - RHP

DOB: September 5, 2003


Riquermi Aquino - RHP

DOB: July 28, 2007

“Trabajo tan duro por que quiero superame y dar lo mejor de mi para que en un mañana yo sea alguien independiente.” 

“I work so hard because I want to improve myself and do my best so that tomorrow I will be someone independent."


Jackson Bueno - RHP

DOB: May 2, 2004

"El ingles es importante porque si no somos peloteros y viajamos podemos tener trabajos sin problemas."

"English is important because if we are not players and we travel we can have jobs without problems."

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Leonardo Calixte - RHP

DOB: January 7, 2005

"Quisera ser alguien manana en la vida, y quiero poner en mi parte, para poner avancar, y para por ayudar mi familia tambien Ese es la razon que todos lo dias yo voy lucho dura en el pley y trabajo"

"I would like to be someone tomorrow in life, and I want to do my part, to make progress, and to help my family too.That is the reason that every day I fight hard on the pitch and work."

Jesus Daniel_edited.jpg

Jesus Daniel - RHP

DOB: May 16, 2005

"Quiero Pará ser alguien en la vida y ayudar a mis padres."

"I want to be someone in life and help my parents."


Andres Duverge - RHP

DOB: May 2, 2005


Bryan Duverge - RHP

DOB: November 25, 2006


Harrison Duverge - RHP

DOB: March 8, 2008


Fabian Hernandez - LHP

DOB: November 28, 2003

“He (Yordano Ventura) told me… Cousin, what do you want to do when you grow up?  and I replied that I wanted to be like him and that I know that he will see me in a professional team."


“El (Yordano Ventura) mé dijo… Primo que es lo que quieres hacer cuando seas grande?  y yo le respondí que yo quería ser como él y que yo se que el me verás en un equipo profesional."


Oscar Mercedes - INF

DOB: February 27, 2001


Frangely Morel - RHP

DOB: January 18, 1999


Weslin Paredes - RHP

DOB: August 8, 2003

"La clase de inglés me vendra bien, y en un futuro es muy importante en mi carrera."

"English class will be good for me, and in the future it will be very important in my career."


Aleudi Rodriguez - RHP

DOB: July 30, 2007

"Quiero cumplir mi sueño y quiero sacar a mi familia adelante."

"I want to fulfill my dream and I want to move my family forward."


Robert Sanchez - RHP

DOB: July 21, 2006


Fernando Jose
“Chico” Sarante - RHP

DOB: June 22, 2005

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