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About Us

The Baseball Island Foundation works with local Dominican businesses and professionals to help Dominican youth chase their MLB dreams, with a safety net of education and supplemental programming, guaranteeing that following their passion will not mean putting them and their families further at risk. Structured for large-scale impact. Currently providing as much assistance as donations and sponsorships will allow.​

The Baseball Island Foundation “Community Campus” is a true international collaboration. Local talent partnered with accomplished international experts.


Jay Quinn

Founder & Program Director

Coach Quinn's professional experience as a college baseball coach, classroom teacher, personal trainer, and international sports event director has prepared him to build and lead The Baseball Island Foundation in the Dominican Republic.

Our Coaches & Staff

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Nicolas Debora

Head Baseball Coach & Academic Supervisor

7 years - New York Mets (MiLB), 
2 years - Panama Professional (Winter) League

Fluent English Speaker

“As a player, Debora successfully navigated this highly competitive Dominican baseball environment, earning himself a professional baseball contract with the New York Mets at 17 years-old. Debora had consistent success as a professional player in 3 countries, and still has MLB level talent!  As a coach, Debora has big league level talent for correcting pitching mechanics, teaching competitive game approach, and being a strong & fair leader on and off the baseball field.”

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Leonardo Alcantara

Head Strength Coach & Academic Supervisor

IDFF Certified Personal Trainer
Anatomy, Biomechanics, Program Design, Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Nutrition

Our First Baseball Island Alum!


“Leonardo, no doubt, has the potential to become an internationally recognized strength and conditioning coach. He is a naturally gifted motivator, and his observational skills, drive to learn, creative program design, mental toughness, and contagious upbeat high energy make Leonardo incredibly valuable to the hardworking young men who get a chance to work with him.”

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Jesus Maria González

English Language Lessons

23 years of English language teaching experience (INFOTEP)
University of Santo Domingo (UASD) 

Advanced English

“Jesus is a great fit with The Baseball Island Foundation. He’s an experienced teacher who has demonstrated natural rapport, and effective teaching methods with our boys since day one. Jesus leads our (ASSIMIL-style) English conversation & public speaking lessons."

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Ondina Sosa

Baseball Specific Yoga

Founder of ONDIYOGA 
New York Yankees - Team Yoga Instructor 
2 years @ Dominican Academy

“Too good to be true! A yoga instructor, here in Las Terrenas, with years of experience in professional baseball! Ondina helps our boys improve flexibility, identify imbalance, rehab injuries, mentally focus....and her experience managing a group of Type-A personalities is invaluable."

Local Business Partnerships

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Frutas & Más

Meal Services

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Dream Big

College Placement


El Gimnasio
Forma y Nutricion

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Fontesa Agua

Drinking Water

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Charle Mariscos

Meal Services

Our Board of Directors & Advisors

Robert Rodriguez

International Partnerships

Litvinoff Martinez

National Partnerships 

Dr. Joshua Rosenthal

Education & Sports Psychology

Caleb Santos-Silva

International Baseball Events

Sasha Czerniawski

Marketing & Brand Advisement 

Megan Pfau

Foundation Manager

Johan Ramirez

College Placement

Emil Calcano

International Sponsorships

If you're interested in being a guest speaker or guest workshop leader, please contact us

The Baseball Island Foundation works hard to continue providing and expanding our program here in the Dominican Republic. If you can afford to give, please know that every dollar makes an immediate impact in the lives of our boys.