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A true story for thousands of Dominican Families

Dominican children who drop out of school to chase the MLB dream, typically spend 9-15 years with little education and vocational training. Even those who “successfully” navigate this broken system, typically return home to the Dominican Republic empty handed, still facing an uphill battle to provide for themselves and their family.

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Our Impact

The Baseball Island Foundation provides a free 40-week pro-style training program, as incentive for Dominican youth to stay in school and attend our supplemental ASSIMIL-style English conversation classes.

We work with, and in support of, talented Dominican teachers, baseball coaches, strength trainers, local restaurants, and other local businesses.

With help from new and old friends from around the world, The Baseball Island Foundation ran a Pilot Program (Nov 2020 - Sept 2021), and has now officially launched our “Full-Time Incentive Program.” We have been able to provide:

Professional Development

ASSIMIL-Style English Lessons
Necessary school supplies included

Professional Development Courses 

Scholarships provided. Internationally recognized certifications

Networking Experiences

Connected with internationally recognized experts, with backgrounds in sport medicine, sports business, government, and USA college coaches

Job Opportunities

We hire, and support, talented Dominican professionals to provide Baseball Island Foundation programs.

Athletic Development

Professional Baseball Coaches & Strength Trainers
Baseball: Professional & D1 College Experience. Strength:  Internationally Certified (IDFF & NASM)

High-End Gym Access
Cutting edge strength training equipment 

Baseball-Specific Yoga Classes
Led by former New York Yankees (Dominican Academy) Instructor Ondina Sosa

Basic Needs
& Supplies

Supplemental Meals 

Breakfast & Lunch delivered to the local baseball field

Clean Drinking Water (full-year supply) 
for hundreds of local kids and coaches

Baseball Equipment & Clothing
1,400+ pounds shipped internationally & delivered to hundreds of players and coaches

Gently used laptop computers and cell phones

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Giving to The Baseball Island Foundation funds our 40-week “Full-Time Incentive Program” for Dominican youth, and makes an immediate impact in their daily lives. Even just $0.79 cents buys breakfast for a hardworking kid who can’t afford it on his own. 


We are proud and thankful to many, that we have been able to provide Dominican youth and adults in the Las Terrenas community with FREE:


English lessons, pro-level baseball instruction, gym access, pro strength trainers, baseball-specific yoga classes, 1,400+ pounds of baseball equipment, clothing, shoes, gently used laptops, cell phones, supplemental meals, a full-year supply of clean drinking water to hundreds, professional development courses, networking events, and jobs.

Long Term

The Baseball Island Campus

Our dream is to build a campus with classrooms, a dining hall, gym, and baseball fields, so we can provide significantly more efficient programming, and will be able to offer our “Full-Time Incentive Program” to Dominican youth players for generations.